Thursday, November 18, 2010

So..... its been a while....

Hi all! Its been a while... craziness seems to have taken over with school starting back up again for me... and the first quarter has flown by. Now that I have a few moments I thought I would share some more pictures and updates....

1.)Evelyn can now roll over one way! (Yippee!!!!!!!)

2.) She is no longer square- she is oval (for the longest time we were 30 inches and 30 lbs.... Dr visit the other day proved she was 31 inches...... :)

3.) She continues to have a complete aversion to eating. She enjoys spitting food... and she is getting pretty good distance these days. Thank God my walls have washable paint....

4.) We were seizure free for 3 weeks (hurray!!!) and recently started seeing more spasms again (bummer...) so we haev started on another steriod (NOT injectable thank goodness) so we are hoping that we increase eating and decrease seizures?

Hope all is well with Everyone!

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