Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Year's Beginnings

I finally have a chance to sit down and update the blog.... its been a while!

This year, instead of resolutions I am going to try to quantify our life in milestones of what we accomplished and images of whats to come....

1.) Evelyn learned to roll (one way... but still)

The good news is that she rolls- the bad news is that now we have to create barriers for her to do tummy time to strengthen those arms. Additionally, we learned that we now must be ever mindful of the fact that she can (and did) roll off of places she was once confined.

2.) Evelyn decided to eat (twice) and stop eating (twice)

I know for some this may not be an accomplishment but at least we know that when she wants to eat there is nothing physically that prevents her from doing so. The good part about being on the steroid for seizures was that it made her appetite ravenous. She ate everything in site. As soon as we weaned from the steroid, the seizures came back and the appetite stopped. Additionally, some of the behaviors that we are seeing are actually NAUGHTY :) which is a good thing because it means that Miss Ev is consciously making choices (even if it is to spit food at Mommy and Daddy).

3.) We made some great new friends.

As a family we decided to do something crazy this summer and take an inpromtu visit to Tennessee where we met some awesome people whose children have similar neurological conditions. It was so nice to be surrounded by people who didn't find it strange to go out to dinner and use a tube for our child's meds. If anything, they broadened our horizons and made us more aware that life must go on in some semblance of normalcy?

4.) Evelyn had seizures- we will be fighting this battle a year as of January 31st.

Okay, so this is not typically known as something positive.... and its not..... but we have been places, tried medications, failed medications, taken a lot of steps backward and a few forward. Are we in in a good place? Not sure..... but we know now that we need to move forward as a family.

Looking forward- things to do more or less....

I think its important to point out that we are still growing and learning- taking ten steps forward and seven steps back. In 2011 I resolve to take more deep breaths... beat myself up less.... love my baby girl more..... compare her to others less.... open my heart to possibility more.... put things on a definite timeline less....... allow myself to branch out more..... and be less fearful of others reactions

Peace, love, and joy to all in 2011. Hopefully I'll have a chance to update you all more.

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