Friday, May 21, 2010

When Enough is Enough....

Two doctor's appointments yesterday.... we waited for one for an hour and a half. and came back with no new suggestions. Which makes me wonder.....

when is enough enough? When do you, as a parent of a child with special needs, accept your child for who they might be. I am sad, and frustrated. We go to doctor's appointments every week (or nearly every week). We get the same feedback. Do really need to know how many months delayed my daughter is? Why can't people communicate? And who the hell cares anyway?

I told my husband on the way home that I am done. We need the neurologist, yes. I can see going to the GI people once in a while to maintain the tube. But we know our daughter better than anyone. I don't need someone to scrutinize her eyes, ears, tongue, toes, hair, etc, because to me she is perfect. It is what it is. There is only one direction to go in- and thats forward.

Does it make me a bad mom that I don't want to take her to umpteen million doctors? I can't decide.

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