Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mommy-Evie Days

The end of school and the beginning of "Mommy-Evie Days." :) Hip Hip Hooray!! Yesterday school ended for the summer.... not that I don't love my kiddos at school.... but we haev big plans for this summer. On our agenda:

1.) Work on getting mobile (Mommy AND Evie!) Let's work out those thighs so we both can fit into our pants. (No, seriously, I am NOT joking.... I had to buy her 3T capris as pants..... I know a lot of it is the meds.... but holy cow....)

2.) Drink from a cup! Crazy idea? We have been working 4 oz at a time- our goal is to eliminate night feeds!

3.) Play with horses (okay, so that's really Mommy's goal, but it will give Ev and Nonnie some time together!)

4.) Camp at Wellness GIFTS- so excited! http://giftsretreats.com/

5.) Sleep In!!! (Ha Ha)

Looking forward to a great summer!

1 comment:

  1. Great goals. We're working on the sippy cup thing, too. Nice to meet you! I've got a special guy named Wyatt, we call him Bugg.

    Your girl is soooooo cute, I just want to squish her!

    Love, Bree