Monday, April 25, 2011

The Haircut and Easter and a Little More

My darling Miss Ev had her first haircut this weekend... and went from a little curly haired mop to what looks like a little old lady with a beehive (SOOOOO stinking cute.... but it sticks straight up in ALL directions?!?! :)

Easter came and went- we had a wonderful time at Aunt Roni's. The Easter bunny brought Ev so many goodies (a big choclate rabbit with momma's name on it??!?!). I look at this picture and am constantly reminded of how big she is getting.

Also- we went for the fist time to Shriners Hospital. We were SO impressed- we had the undivided attention for 3 hours from 3 OT/PTs who modified a variety of equiptment and sent up home with a custom stander. Wow- they are angels in disguise! We are goign to meet all day at their CP clinic soon.

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  1. Oh my good heavens. What a sweet beauty little Miss Ev is!:) I'm glad you stumbled across Samantha's blog...I look forward to getting to know you and your sweetheart better.