Thursday, April 28, 2011

Investing in Hope......

Yesterday was a tough day..... Ev was cranky... Mommy was cranky..... The weather stinks.... Not a good combination...

I think the thing that did it was that someone at work, after seeing a newspaper article about a little boy with a similar condition to Ev's made a comment. "So it says in here that kids without all of their cerebellum have better progress than the kids with some of it..... So... Ev has some of hers right? Huh..."

Instant Mommy Hackles

When I got home I was in the "Why Me, Why Us, Why God??!?!?!" stage.... and decided to clean (the make your skin peel type of clean...)

Shuffling papers from the desk I picked up the church bulletin from Easter Sunday (we are Christmas/Easter go-ers.... Sinners!) Anyway- I thumbed through it and remembered the sermon. The whole thing was about "Investing in Hope" and a lot of it made perfect sense.

Hope. What a strange concept? Wanting and believing. Investing... putting all of your stock in.... all the eggs in the basket... taking a chance in believing at something.... not knowing if it will give a return.....

So I decided to remind myself that I, Alicia, am an investor. I choose to invest in hope. The return is shakey and uncertain short term.... but the investment itself is a wealthy one for everyone involved. The market has its ups and downs..... and depressions.... but in the end, its all we can Hope for.

I am completely invested in Evelyn- in the hopes that she will continue to amaze us. All of my eggs are in that basket. The return is always something to be proud of.

Investing in Hope.

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